Welcome to Collected PR, a boutique, independent PR company looking to spread the passion we have for music to the masses.

Collected PR was formed in conjunction with SUM Management where after years of handling PR in house for most of their artists they branced out, expanded the team to create - Collected PR.

Some of our recent projects range across music releases to events and include: Bad Friday, Rejjie Snow, Totty, BMG, Crocodylus, Woodes, The Gooch Palms, The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, Thandi Phoenix and many more.

From up and coming bands on their second single to international behemoths headlining a festival, our aim is to further an artist’s career and share the thrill of that new music with a new/bigger audience. We get the warm and fuzzies from watching an artist grow from selling 30 tickets to a sold out show.

Pulling from our bounty of experience, we tailor a unique strategy including appropriate targets across online, radio, print, TV, streaming and international media. Every artist and campaign is different and Collected PR look to relinquish the dreaded publicity template because one size doesn’t fit all. The more we learn about our clients, the better we can shape each plan to suit their needs and achieve their goals.

Ensuring we’re the right team for the job, we pick and choose the gems we believe in because passion is what drives any successful PR campaign. In it for the long haul, not just a single; We aim to become part of an artist’s team, developing a relationship to better inform a campaign.


  • We service digital service providers such as Spotify and Apple Music.

  • We service for premieres with radio including triple j.

  • We personally service triple j, triple j unearthed, double j, FBi, 2ser as well as servicing speciality community radio around the country as well as key stations in New Zealand.

  • We service to commercial radio nationwide.


  • We come up with a long term plan to connect with print media we identify as right for your campaign.

  • We advise on Marketing to advertise your current project and can also make the best recommendations on leveraging spend for editorial support.


  • We line up online premiere partners.

  • We create customised targets for your campaign, aiming to connect with media and create compelling content that is appropriate for your artist.

  • We develop strategies to amplify the content and coverage you have to increase the benefit.

  • We come up with a long term plan to connect with media we identify as right for your campaign and creatively work with you to find new and innovative ways to create content for media.

Any questions? Get in touch - we'd love to chat more about what we can do for you!

contact us: jess@collectedpr.com